UWCT Road Race 2015

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Assorted footage of the first 20km of the 50-54 y/o division, UWCT Finals Road Race in Aalborg, Denmark September 6, 2015. Things got difficult for many riders very quickly as you’ll see, including yours truly. The neutralised zone of 2km was supposed to be at a max speed of 30km/hr, controlled by the commissaires car. Well that just didn’t happen. …

Lysebotn hills

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After the climb out of Lysebotn, you can enjoy the rolling hills heading south east. Lovely sweeping descents and steep twisting climbs. You will see plenty of gradients around 15% along here.

Lysebotn descent

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This is the descent into the beautiful village of Lysebotn, Norway. It’s the only road in and out and the climb (or descent) is 8.7 km at an average gradient of 10%. I was lucky the weather was perfect the day I went. It would be seriously scary doing┬áthis descent with clinchers in the rain. It includes a 1km long …