Holmenkollen ski jump tower

Oslo and a real Norwegian family

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After two days of action and adventure around Stavanger, it was time to wind down a bit and I had planned to visit a virtual friend of mine who lived in Oslo. We’d never met in person, but had spent many hours together sailing virtual yachts on our respective computers over the years. Yes, we were sailing simulator boffins. It …

Lysebotn, Norway

Lysebotn climb

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Many months ago, after having decided to go to Denmark for the World Masters, I started researching possible cycling adventures in Norway. At some point I stumbled upon a picture that had me transfixed. It was the little village of Lysebotn, right at the end of Lysefjord. The photos clearly showed a road snaking it’s way up the prodigious slopes …

Preikestolen, Lysefjord, Norway

Preikestolen and Lysefjord

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My first day in Stavanger included a planned day trip to Preikestolen. It is a jaw-dropping natural outcrop of rock overlooking a quintessential Norwegian fjord called Lysefjord. To get there involved a ferry trip from Stavanger, east to Tau and then a bus to the Preikestolen car park, where you faced a one hour walk to the rock itself. The …

Stavanger, Norway

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I’d chosen Stavanger as my primary destination for Norwegian sightseeing as it afforded reasonable access to a number of outstanding natural attractions. I say ‘reasonable’ because it’s not like these attractions were close by, but they were closer to Stavanger than any other largish town. Stavanger itself was a charming town with a bustling harbour and a large network of …

Goodbye Denmark

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You’d think after a day like yesterday, I would sleep like a baby, but no, I woke at 3:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I wrote up my blog posts. No point being idle if I was awake. Today I was taking the train to Hirtshals right at the top of Denmark and catching an overnight ferry to …

Lead up day

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Today was the day where I wanted to get everything in place, get a nice ride in and otherwise relax as much as possible before what I knew would be a very difficult yet hopefully satisfying day tomorrow. It started with breakfast. Danish waffles with jam and icing sugar, fruit, bread with cheese and ham and a nice cuppa tea. …

Bikes, bikes and more bikes

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You really don’t get a full appreciation for the extent to which people in many European cities utilise bicycles until you’ve been there. I tried to take photos which would reflect the sheer number of bicycles parked beside the road and outside buildings along the streets but they all came up well short of conveying the numbers. There are literally …

Waiting for the taxi

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After a somewhat disconcerting previous evening where a Qantas staff member told me that I would have to ship my bike via Qantas Freight and arrange this at 5am this morning, I am finally ready and calm 😜. The 5am call yielded no outcome as they didn’t open till 7. Thanks very frick’n much. A follow up call to Qantas …